Kevin Harris for Council, District 5

Campaign Pillars

Rebuilding Trust

Too many residents have lost trust in our elected officials. One way of rebuilding that trust is to end the corrosive impact that large campaign contributions have on our political system. I am only accepting small campaign contributions up to $150 from individuals and will not accept money from developers.

Improving Core Public Services

Kevin will work to refocus the county budget towards making sure Montgomery County offers high quality public services. Residents should expect nothing less than excellent schools, a safe community, well-maintained roads, and supportive social service programs for those in need. 

Managing How We Grow

For too long the county has failed to make developers pay their fair share for the impacts of their development. Overcrowded schools, and traffic congestion are a result of poorly planned development. Kevin wants to make sure the pace of growth matches our ability to provide needed schools and supporting transportation infrastructure.

Supporting Local Business Development

Kevin wants to focus our economic development efforts on supporting the growth of local businesses that contribute more to our local economy than chains. 83% of all jobs in Maryland are created by small businesses. Research shows that for every $100 spent in a local independent business, $43 stays in the local economy versus $13 when spent at a chain.