Kevin Harris for Council, District 5

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I want to rebuild trust between elected officials and citizens.


Why I’m Running

I’m running for District 5 County Council because I see a bright future for our county. We can make better informed, fiscally sound, data-driven decisions on all issues – but especially on development, transportation , education, affordable housing, and the environment.

As evidenced by the recent vote on term limits, the majority of residents feel disconnected from the current County leadership. Too many decisions at the County level are made without our leaders actually listening to residents. I’m ready to be a responsive leader who will truly listen to constituents and have an inclusive approach to policy-making that will bring all stakeholders into the decision-making process.

I’m not a career politician. I’m a citizen candidate.

As such, I am participating in the public financing system and will not accept contributions from developers or political action committees. I think the voters want new leadership who is not beholden to special interests on this next County Council. My votes will be informed by conversations with my constituents who I will be elected to represent. My doors will be open to all.

The 4 main pillars of my candidacy will be:

  1.      Rebuilding trust between residents and elected officials.
  2.      Delivering excellent County services such as schools, roads, transit  and public safety.
  3.      Building a strong local economy that creates good jobs.
  4.      Leveling the playing field between residents and developers.

A full campaign announcement and website will appear shortly. Contact us here for more information.