Bold Leadership.

New Direction.


Why I’m Running

I’m running as a Democrat for District 5 County Council because I see a bright future for our county.  I believe we can make better informed, fiscally sound, data-driven decisions on key challenges facing our County that include a $400 million budget deficit, overcrowded schools and congested roads, and a political system controlled by large campaign donors. Bold, experienced new leadership is called for and I'm ready to lead that movement for change.

As evidenced by the recent vote on term limits, the great majority of residents feel disconnected from the current County leadership. Too many decisions in Rockville are made without our leaders actually listening to residents.  I will be a responsive leader who will truly listen to constituents and have an inclusive approach to policy-making that will bring all stakeholders into the decision-making process, not just those who have deep pockets to fund campaigns.

I’m a civic activist, not a career politician.  I'm a leader who listens. 

The 4 main pillars of my campaign are:

1.   End the corrosive influence of large campaign contributions on our political system. I'm participating in the County’s public financing system and will accept only small donations of up to $150 and will not accept any money from developers, their representatives, or any entity that stands to benefit from the Council’s deliberations.

2.   Build a strong local economy that creates good paying jobs For every $100 spent in a local independent business, $43 stays in the local economy versus $13 when shopping at a large chain. Kevin will focus our economic development efforts on incubating new small businesses that will provide good-paying jobs to our citizens.

3.     Sustainable Development – Properly planned, sustainable growth is essential to our future. However, when it comes to development, the pendulum has swung too far in the direction of the developers. In multiple master plans,  the Council has voted to eliminate staging, which is a policy that aims to ensure that infrastructure such as transportation and schools can keep pace with growth. We can adopt a more sustainable approach to land use that creates healthy communities with vibrant economies, adequate open space and parks, high performing schools, access to public transit and well-maintained roads. 

4.     Concentrate on the basics of great local government services – We need to refocus on delivering excellent core County services such as high quality schools, public transit systems and roads, and public safety. I have worked tirelessly over the past 3 years to provide data-driven, cost-effective solutions to the transportation challenges we face. If we cannot provide core services at a high level, we will be unable to retain and attract the residents and employers who are the fuel of the economy and form the fabric of our society. Overcrowded classrooms and roads that have not been paved for over 40 years are inexcusable in one of the wealthiest counties in the country.